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Bojana Beović, M.D., Professor of infectious diseases, Specialist in infectious diseases; University medical center Ljubljana, Slovenia; Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (CV Link)

Milan Čižman, M.D., Professor of infectious diseases, Specialist in infectious diseases and pediatrics; Retired (CV Link)

Application Developers 

Version 2.0 (web app) was developed and is maintained by Transatlantic Pharma and Lenis farmacevtika d.o.o.

Version 1.0 (native apps for Android and iOS) was developed by Valentina Ahac and Žiga Zupančič, students from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Tadej Kanižar (Računalniške storitve nCode s.p.). The app was translated to English by Jaka Beović.


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